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Bringing Milwaukee together by sharing Puerto Rico's food, music and culture in Wisconsin. 

The Puerto Rican Family Festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is an annual event that started in 2013 under the iconic 35th Street Bridge. It all began as the dream of Yussef Morales, the event's founder and president. Inspired by his Puerto Rican heritage and a desire to showcase the rich culture to the city of Milwaukee, Yussef envisioned a festival that would celebrate Puerto Rican traditions, food, music, and art.

Driven by his passion and determination, Yussef worked tirelessly to bring his vision to life. With the support of his community and dedicated volunteers, the Puerto Rican Family Festival became a reality. The festival quickly gained popularity and recognition, attracting both local residents and visitors from neighboring areas.

The festival serves as a proud testament to the Puerto Rican community's contribution to the multicultural fabric of Milwaukee. By hosting the event, Yussef and his team aimed to create an opportunity for cultural exchange, where the vibrant Puerto Rican culture could seamlessly blend with Milwaukee's diverse tapestry of festivals.


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